I graduated as a bodywork therapist in 2000 in Hungary, at a well known Rheumatic Hospital  in Heviz, specifically as a Medical Massage Therapist .  My training included Deep Tissue, Swedish Massageand Reflexology. After graduating I worked in Iceland for 3 years in top Spas, and then I moved to central London where I worked at the top Notting Hill Spa and started freelancing, and then on to Somerset where I am now settled.

I have been studying various new massage techniques including Traditional Thai MassageAromatherapy for Pregnancy, Hot Stone Massage, Dry cupping, Manual Therapy, and Dry Needling. 

I have also qualified as a Yoga Teacher at the Cambridge School of Yoga, and extended that with Yoga for Mothers and Babies.

I graduated as a Medical Herbalist (BSc  Honours) at Westminster University, and I am qualified as a Stott Pilates Reformer Instructor. I took further training on Pilates for ‘Specific Population’ such as pre and post natal ladies, athletes, and for injuries.  I often blend elements of Yoga and Pilates and the combination is called Yogilates.

Zumba  is a a great way  to add cardio elements to your fitness regime incorporating dance, music and having fun. Dance was always part of the my life and I  attended belly dancing, Salsa and Zumba for years with Brazilian and London teachers.  I learnt to be an official Zumba teacher.

I have also added Barre Pilates training to my repertoire. Barre is ballet based fitness regime focusing on pilates principals. It is a hot new trend where music takes you to the next level, choreography fits all levels.

With all these therapies  I have worked with all age groups, from children to 99 year olds, and many different issues from injuries to stress, fertility problems, acute and chronic conditions, or getting fit sometimes to complement orthodox therapies, sometimes on my own.

If you would like to know more these therapies and treatments,  and how I work with them please click on Therapies. Check out Classes and Availability too!

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