Every massage therapist has a different style. I like to call mine a fusion between deep tissue, traditional Thai, sport massage, reflexology and improvisation.


I use manual therapy where passive movements are performed to increase mobility or reduce stiffness in joints, muscles and ligaments. I use dry needling which is a western form of using acupunture needles on trigger points. It is a safe and most often effective way to reduce pain in supersensitive muscle fibres, restoring the flow of nerve impulses from trigger points.

Dry cupping  is used  to release muscle adhesions, increasing blood flow to skin and muscle, and increasing the flexibility and mobility of the affected area. It increases the blood supply to the area helping to bring the nutrients and oxygen, and pulling out the stagnant blood. The vacuum from the cups separates the layers of tissues that can cause micro-trauma and tearing. Fascia and tissue can be stretched, increasing flexibility and the range of movements. Note that the cups might leave a coloured mark that heals in a week. This low level inflammation can induce healing and new blood vessels may form, further increasing the oxygenation of the affected area.

I also use aroma oils which often helps to reduce inflammation, or just help you to relax, the same with hot stones (when needed).

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